This is my second week to participate in the Sunday Setlists blog carnival hosted by

After a 5 minute video countdown, we opened with Third Day’s arrangement of Joy to the World. For a call to worship, we read Isaiah 12:2-6, and then we sang a couple of songs that anticipate Christ’s return and emphasize that our hope is in Him:

Days of Elijah
Hope of the Nations

Our teaching pastor gave a brief overview of some events coming up this week before launching into the message. Sermon audio is available here. The message led into communion. We handle communion a couple of different ways logistically. Sometime, we have stations up front and have folks come forward. This week, we passed the elements out by rows. This method takes longer, but it can also allow us to do more through songs or guided meditation. When we do the stations up front, sometimes folks are just focused on when/how to go and come back. After each element was distributed, our teaching pastor came up to lead us through taking it together. We have a small table on the platform during first service so the worship team can participate.

We did Before the Throne of God Above while the bread was distributed and This Is How We Know by Matt Redman while the juice was distributed. The latter is a new song and our team really likes.

After communion, we had the morning offering and closed with God of This City (Hello Love arrangement) and Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble.


Overall, it was a good morning. Musically, it didn’t feel like we were hitting on all cylinders, but most of it was the kind of stuff that only gets noticed by musicians. I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that we ended up having only half our band at Thursday night’s practice. Everyone got up to speed quickly on Sunday morning, but it’s just different when there isn’t that mid-week rehearsal to draw from.